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iPhone 3G/3GS 4/4S Emergency Back Up Battery

iPhone 3G/3GS 4/4S Emergency Back Up Battery


Compatible emergency back up battery for when your caught out with low battery or need to charge in emergency.  This battery can be used with any other phones to that use the iPhone 3GS type charger socket.  These are available in black and white colour but when one colour is out of stock we may send other colour but purpose and use will be same.

Compatible with following models

iPhone 3G
IPhone 3GS

iPhone 4
IPhone 4S

iPod Touch 2G
iPod Touch 3G
iPod Classic
iPod Colour
iPod Mini
iPod Photo

iPod Nano 1G
iPod Nano 2G
iPod Nano 3G
iPod Nano 4G
iPod Nano 5G
iPod Nano 6G
iPod Nano 7G
iPod Nano 8G

iPod 3G
iPod 4G
iPod 5G
iPod video

iPad 1
iPad 2
iPad 3