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Motorola F3 Phone Unlocking Shocker Clip

Motorola F3 Phone Unlocking Shocker Clip


Motorola F3 Phone Unlocking Unlock Shocker Clip


  • Unlock your phone for use with any sim card T-Mobile, Orange, Vodafone, Virgin, o2 etc
  • Removes SP lock & SIM Lock
  • Removes/Resets Security/User Lock Code
  • No Computer Or External Battery Required
  • Completely Portable
  • Quick & Easy To Use
  • No Data Cable Required
  • Unlimited Unlocking With Clip





  1. Put phone into boot mode (take battery out from phone, press & hold * & # buttons, insert battery back into phone, then after a few seconds let go of * & # buttons. The handset will display will remain blank)
  2. Connect F3UC to the phone (F3UC = cable end on clip)
  3. Connect 9v power to the clip
  4. Press the unlock button on clip
  5. Blue LED on the clip starts to blink frequenetly, then stops & stays on for 2 seconds & goes off
  6. Green LED will come on, Phone is now unlocked



If the LED on the clip after frequent blinking, starts to blink slower instead of lighting up, the unlock process has failed. Please disconnect the phone from the cable, remove & insert the battery, switch the phone to boot mode & perform unlock again

Pictures for illustration only clips may vary but general purpose will be same