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Nokia DCT4+ 1208 1208b Unlock Clip & Security Code

Nokia DCT4+ 1208 1208b Unlock Clip & Security Code


Nokia DCT4+ phones RSA unlock clip & also resets security code we are first to get this clip.

Nokia DCT4 unlock clip which unlocks SIMLOCK and SECURITY code

This clip in unique on the market, we are the first to release it.

It's cheap, it's fast and it does them all..., no hassle, no headache. It's a need for any service point and it's make back the money paid for the clip in just less than few days, since this clip removes SIMLOCK and SECURITY code. You can use it anywhere since it don't need any computer or internet connection.

The unlock happens direct, NO PATCH, and it takes less than 4 seconds.

Pictures shown are for illustration purposes only as kits may improve due to improvements in design etc. but general purpose will be same
Phone shown in picture is for illustration only & NOT included in sale
• Unlocks All Nokia below Phones,
• Resets User Code On Phones,
• Very Easy To Use, Compact Size and Fast Unlocking,
• No Need Computer, Internet connection, Logs ... Just One 9v battery
  • No Computer Needed
  • Not Via Internet
  • No Logs Required
  • No more Payment
  • No Credits Required
  • Free Unlimited Unlocking


This unlock kit will unlock the following models

Supported phone models


NOKIA 1208 RH-105
NOKIA 1208b RH-106

How it works



1. Insert a charged battery in the device.
2. Insert the cable in the top of the box, ( The red light next to the cable should turn on when the cable is inserted, and the bottom led will blink 3 times green to signal that clip is ready )
3. Insert the other cable into the phone, and turn on the phone if its not already turned on
4. The bottom led will blink a few times, and after 3-5 seconds will stop and emit green light if the phone was successfully unlocked. If red lights blink, please try the procedure again.
5. When disconnecting the cable from the phone the bottom light will go off in order to save power, and the clip is ready for the next job.
6. If you want to turn off the clip, simply remove the cable from clip, and then the clips shuts down in order to save power.



  • · UNLOCKING - Unlock handset to use any sim card e.g T-Mobile, Orange, Vodafone, Virgin, o2 etc.

(This Kit can be for Unlocking etc purposes)

  • 1 X Nokia DCT4 + RSA Unlock clip / Security Code Reset Clip
  • Cables that cover most models mentioned above